Commercial Concrete

We Know Concrete

At Beran, we specialize in commercial concrete. Our in-depth expertise allows us to quickly and efficiently tackle any commercial project. We know that each project has different needs and expectations, and at Beran Concrete, we have the knowledge and manpower to face even the most complex designs. Below you’ll find just a few of our commercial capabilities.

Structural and Industrial Concrete

Beran Concrete provides many foundation options. Our company-wide understanding of cast-in-place foundations, structural walls, equipment foundations, retaining walls and drilled piers allows us to provide our customers with a foundation that lasts the life of the structure. When it comes to above grade, we can handle everything from poured metal decks to elevated structural decks.

Laser Screed Concrete Slabs

Beran Concrete utilizes two Somero Laser Screeds with 3D technology, a riding power trowel fleet and early entry concrete saws to provide quality concrete flatwork that exceeds expectations. We understand the need for extremely flat floor tolerances due to the advancements in specialized floor coverings and robotic warehouse racking systems. We’ve constructed laser screed slabs for customers in the retail, agricultural, industrial and sports industries that range from several hundred thousand to a million square feet.


Tilt-Up and Insulated Tilt-Up Concrete

Tilt-up concrete construction is a proven method for commercial and industrial building construction. Our services in tilt-up construction include design, panel layout, concrete forming, Thermomass, inserts, rebar, finishing, erection sequences and panel erection.


Concrete Paving

We understand – in today’s market, business owners want the biggest bang for their buck. With this in mind, we invested in a 3D profiler for our Laser Screeds. This equipment allows us a competitive edge while giving you a much better surface with a longer lifespan and lower lifetime maintenance costs. Our extensive knowledge of paving covers everything from sidewalks and curb and gutter, to parking lots and storage facilities.


Grain Storage

Beran Concrete offers a full range of agricultural projects. Our concrete services include foundations and flatwork for seed bins, grain silos, flat grain storage systems, steel grain bins, aeration trenches, equipment pads and more. We work with your team to build quality agricultural systems that are safe, reliable and dependable for years to come.