Who We Serve

Committed to Delivering the Best Concrete Services

Beran Concrete serves a wide range of commercial and residential clients. Our decades of industry expertise and refined processes allow us to serve every need – from simple patio to custom home to high rise. Our experienced team can handle projects that may seem far-fetched to others.

Beran’s team has seen it all. No project is too big or complicated for us with our advanced techniques and technology – we confidently face them all.

Beran Concrete has been a trusted team member of Key Construction, Inc. for over 15 years. Beran consistently exceeds our expectations for quality, production, cost, and customer service. Their ability to meet the needs of our fast paced construction projects is what makes Beran one of the finest concrete contractors in the midwest. - Scott Casebolt | Vice President, Key Construction, Inc. – Wichita, KS
I have used Beran Concrete for a wide range of projects. Their reliability, commitment to quality, and consistent performance keeps me confident when I have tight deadlines and complicated projects to deliver. I would not think twice about using Beran Concrete on any project! - Jeff Hohnbaum | Hutton Construction
As a General Contractor, we place a lot of emphasis on collaboration with our subcontractors in order to achieve a successful project. Beran Concrete has proven to be a great team player in collaboration from project pre-planning through construction. Their professionalism and experience runs deep throughout the company which is evident in their success. - Brandon Wilson | ICON